Skillsets of Evolution ~ Enrollment

  • This is an on-going program and will start as soon as you enroll.

    You will immediately be put into  a training sequence and protocol.

  • Full Program
    $165 one time payment


    * 16 weekly classes
    * 16 weekly activations
    * Downloadable Training Manual (e-Book)
    * A containing, telepathic matrix
    * Practical exercises and affirmations
    * 1 year access to the training website and student forum


    This option comes with a downloadable Training Manual.
    As an extra purchase, you can order the beautiful book from See below.

  • Order the Training Manual from

    book-covThe full program includes a downloadable 346-page Training Manual in PDF form.

    You can opt to order this beautiful book from as an extra purchase. Please do so asap in time for training.


  • UNDECIDED? Learn More

    The full intention of this training program is presented in the introductory class. Come and be inspired!

    * Complimentary 1st Class: “Serving as a Divine Channel

    * Get full details of this training

There are no refunds on enrollment in the Skillsets of Evolution Training. If you feel you will back out of this Training for whatever reason, please select the monthly payment plan. Once enrolled in the monthly plan, no refunds are given for the first month and or any later month in which you are taking classes.