The Practical

An important part of this high level training program is the practical application and applying what you are learning into your daily life. After each class, you will be given some divine homework for the week ahead and prior to the next week’s class.

In your greater development, the idea is to ground and stabilize your multidimensionality into physical reality, all the while thriving and enjoying a liberated life.

Therefore, we want your spiritual training to always be reflecting as you go about your day. It becomes quite fun to see how life starts morphing into a seamless interplay of shifting realities.

Lesson Reviews

To help with kinesthetic assimilation, please read and listen to the class discourses (videos)  repeatedly. It is also suggested to review the podcast episodes of the Morphogenesis teachings.

Daily Spiritual Practice

This training program includes practical integration. You can regard this as Divine Homework. This not about hard studying however, it will require some discipline to be extra observant. It is suggested that you set yourself up into a rhythm and create sacred space each day for your lessons and attunements.

Hopefully, you will be inspired to create this as a regular spiritual practice so that you can get the most from this experience.

arrowRefer to the Practical section in the Training Manual at the end of each chapter.

Meditation and Developmental Exercises

Each class will have specific exercises to assist your spiritual development and are located in the Course Manual under each specific skillset. This will come in the form of contemplative meditations, visualizations, activities in nature and transmissions.

Guided Audio Meditations

Many of the audio meditations from the Morphogenesis program will be recommended as support in this course. These guided audios are timeless pieces that give activation and support to your developing abilities.

They are included as part of your course fee and will be not be charged extra.

Journaling and Progress Notes

It is highly recommended to keep a journal and make notes of your progress throughout this entire training. You will be amazed at by your transforming results.

Most likely, there will be a lot of note taking, especially considering all of the incoming intuition, telepathic messages, dreams and downloads that you will receive.

It is wise to also record anything you might be questioning or pondering.

Some day you might want to look back upon how you made this great transformative shift and especially to share this information with others. My journals have been quite a blessing to me in this way.

Affirmative Reprogramming

Your course manual includes powerful affirmations for each developing skillset.

A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to re-program your thought structure and charge your entire energy field with positive intention. Remember, our physical reality is a reflection of how we think and what we project in the environment around us.

You can affirm your spiritual evolution nature every morning or evening as a regular practice, and as a way to feel empowered with your Greater Self. Affirmations give great acceleration to manifesting your highest preferences in life.

You can even record yourself while voice the affirmations. Replay them to hear yourself boldly claiming your next steps and highest preferences. This is a really powerful exercise that brings great results.