Weekly Classes

There are 16 classes in this advanced training program. They are presented one per week in the form of 30-minute video discourses. You will receive an email to announce each week’s class.

Listen and re-listen to the discourse any day during the week and read the corresponding chapter in the Course Manual.

In summary, Skillsets of Evolution is a four month, 16 week training program for the development of your advancing metaphysical abilities.

The course structure features five main areas of immersion.

These include:

* Weekly Class
* Weekly Activation
* Training Manual
* Practical Application
* A Containing, Telepathic Matrix

You are enrolling into a “master’s class” and this requires dedication and commitment to go all the way. This is not something to be casually engaged as there is a lot going on energetically.

To get the most from this program and with real, progressive results, it is super important to set yourself up into a consistent weekly rhythm to participate in all five areas.

A Sample of Your Week Flow…

* Attend the weekly class ~ watch and listen to the video teaching with Tiara. (repeat)

* Read the corresponding chapter in the Course Manual.

* Read and review any of the Morphogenesis content.

* Meditate with the recommended audio transmission.

* Do your divine homework ~ refer to the corresponding ‘Practical’ in the Course Manual.

* Attend the Activation Session on Saturday.